Do we need to define the work ‘fond’ in every recipe?

This is starting to get on my nerves.  Every recipe that uses the word ‘fond’ will define it in the text.  I think every one knows what the work ‘fond’ means by now. If not they can just Google it.  Here is a quick search on the internet for Recipes with the word ‘fond’ defined.  It is serious foody web sites like and You would think they would get tired of it.  If you want to define a word in your web page consider using a link or pop up.

I am trying to understand how this happened to such a nice word.  First is it a short word with a synonym that is heavily used.  Second, there are the culinary terms ‘fondue’ and ‘fondant’ that containing ‘fond’ but do not use the same base word. But I think the real reason is recipe writers are just used to it and just copy and paste without thinking. Thinking is the hard part.